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The world of transcription

What is transcription?

Transcription is the process of speech to text conversion. For example, a speech, a conference, a conversation or a dialogue are turned into text. 

Transcription could be manual : listening the speech and as a dictation to write it down progressively. This is a long and tedious process with several contributors (a parrot, a writer and a proofreader). 

Transcription could also be automatic, which is then referred as Automatic Speech to Text Transcription. This process is based on vocal recognition technology. This system of Speech Automatic transcription will capture the sound then convert it into a digital signal then into text.

How Automatic Transcription works ?  

To know more about the operation of this Speech Automatic Transcription technology, we suggest you to read our document “How is a computer program automatically converting speech into text?” written by our R&D director in August 2016.


What is the difference between transcription and translation?

As explained previously transcription is the process of speech to text transformation. There is no adaptation, this is in the same language. With transcription you get all that has been said in writing.

Translation is the process of converting words or text from a source-language into a target-language. This translating work implies a perfect fluency in both source and target languages. Usually target language is the translator’s mother tongue. Besides language skills a good translator should be capable of analysing the text and have editorial expertise. That is why today translation is mainly done by humans. 

However it may be noted a significant development of tools for automatic translation solutions (Google Translate, Systran…)


How Live Transcription works?

Live transcription works in the same way that the Speech Automatic Transcription system but in real time.

It is necessary to connect the incoming audio stream to the system in order to retrieve the outcoming text file. The text display scrolls across the screen of the computer or may be convert into subtiles for a broadcasting live video.

Authôt's technology

What’s Authôt Application?

The Authôt application is an online platform to transform speech into text. est une plateforme en ligne qui transforme la parole en texte. From a private and secure account each user can send auido or video files and the Automatic Specch Transcription System transform it into text. Then, the user can export its text file into the desired format.

Register for free on app.authô You will access to two free trials of 5 minutes each.

 What are the uses of Authôt application?

With Authôt application you can get:

– Post production transcription (scripts transcription, rushes with timecodes),

–  Video subtitling to meet digital accessibilty standards, 

– Indexing your media content online for a better SEO (key words and descriptions).

You need more, contact us! 

How Authôt application works?

Learn about our technology! 

What is the accuracy of automatic transcription compare to sent files?

The accuracy of the automatic transcription processed by our system is closely dependent on the sound recording quality and the flow of speech (environment noise, echo, accent…)

To allow you to have a good quality, we offer you three high quality recorders from our partner NAGRA.

Can Authôt application transcribe in live?

It is one of our current development. We participated to live transcription of various events. In particular in November 2015, we made live translation of a TED X conference, read our article. 

Contact us to know more or to make an appointment for trials.

Which languages can be transcribe by Authôt application?

 Authôt application can currently transcribe audio and video files in French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Portugees, Chinese, Arabic, Romanian et Japonese.

Send now your files in the source language above and we transcribe them! We are presently working on different language developpement, so contact us for a specific language project. 

Is it possible to transcribe speech of several speakers in a same file?

Yes, Authôt technology is multi-speakers and without learning. Therefore, we can transcribe interviews, meetings or conferences with several speakers.  

However, have a particular attention on the sound recording quality of each speakers. Indeed, Automatic Transcription quality is highly dependent on the sound recording quality (microphone, high quality recorders…). Find out our partner products. 

Is it possible to transcribe several languages in a same file? 

When you send an audio or video file on Authôt application you select the source language. Then we send your file on the transcription system of the chosen language. It is not currently possible to send your multilingual file on different  systems simultaneously to obtain one text file with the different languages.  The solution is to cut different parts of a file for each language and send them on the application selecting the correct language for each one.

Does Authôt application enable translation of a file? 

Authôt online application offers an Automatic Transcription system for audio/ video file into text. It does not translate automatically a file into an other language. However, Authôt offers an additionnel service of translation. With our translators network, we offer professional translations. Contact-us! 

Accounts and deadlines

How access Authôt application?

Register for free on app.authô Then, you get access to the free version of 5 minutes.

What can I do if I do not receive the confirmation email for my account? 

If you do not receive the validation email, please check your spams and add it to your Inbox. Otherwise contact us! 

What is the deadline to obtain the transcription on Authôt application?

When you send an audio or video file on the application, first, there is the upload time (depending on the speed of your connection), then there is the automatic transcription time. 

The Automatic Transcription time is equal to your file duration. For a 30 minutes audio file the automatic transcription will be completed 30 minutes after the upload.  

If you choose our proofreading service, the automatic transcription  is directly sent to our proofreaders network. They are professionals, typists or editors trained to use Authôt application. They proofread, review and follow your instructions.  

Their work is sent to our in-house team for validation. This is an additionnal step for ensuring the connection between proofreaders and you. This proofreading service takes approximately 48 – 72 hours. It depends on you file duration. Contact us to know more about deadlines.

How information confidentiality is guaranteed? 

Your data confidentiality is ensured by our platform, we use Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS). Your multimedia content online are secured and private. You have the entire control of your personal account. If you delete one file from your account, it is at the same time deleted from our servors located in France. 

If you choose our proofreading service, you can be reassured: each proofreaders signed our policy with  data confidentiality statement.


Audio and video files

What is the maximal size of a file we can send on Authôt application?

For a normal use and to avoid overloading our infrastructures, we limit the duration of one recording at 14 hours. However, there is no limit for the file size. Contact us to discuss service evolution according to your needs.


Can we send link on Authôt application? 

Yes, when you click on “Submit a new file” on the Authot application you can insert YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion link. AHowever this does not mean that we transcribe lyrics of your favorite songs! We need a good audio quality of the speakers to transcribe accuratly the speech.

What types of audio and video formats are accepted by the Authôt system? 

The most used audio/video formats (AVI, MP3, WMA, MP4) are supported, as are all formats from the FFmpeg collection.

What are the export formats for transcription? 

We offer export for your files in different text formats:

Text (.txt), document (.docx), subtitle (.srt or .webvtt), timecode (.text), xml (.xml), .tst, .sjson, .html.

Contact us if you need another format. 



How do I get subtitles perfectly aligned with my video?

The text to audio alignment of the file is possible from our online text editor on the application (“Align” button next to the “Export” one). Unfortunately, in some cases text loses synchronisation with the audio because of background noise or music which covers up voices. This can cause problems when you want to export the transcription for captioning or subtitling.

We recommend to use Aegisub free software to check your subtitles. 

We also offer you a subtitling synchronisation service. You send us directly your video and our team handle the captioning synchronization for you! 

Is it possible to obtain my video with “burned” subtitles?

You can realize a video with burned subtitles with software as Avid or Adobe Premiere.

After strong demands, we now offer a complete service to obtain your video with burned subtitles. When you are satisfied with alignment/ synchronization of your subtitles, you tell us and we can burn them directly on your video. It is also possible to choose the subtitles display (place, size, font etc.). 

Authôt services and prices

What is the full list of services offered by Authôt?

– Automatic transcription service,

– Transcription with proofreading service,

– Translation,

– Subtitles synchronization,

– Burned subtitles,

– NAGRA digital recorders.

What are the prices of the different Authôt services?

Please consult our page Pricing.

To have a customized quote, contact us!

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