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Artificial intelligence and sign language translation

Apr 22,2022 / Digital accessibility, Technological advances

With all the progress made by AI these days, today we’re going to turn our attention to sign language translation!

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Artificial intelligence to translate manga and comics

Feb 24,2022 / Technological advances, Transcription, subtitling, translation

Artificial Intelligence is even used today to translate manga and comics. Let’s discover together the progress related to this subject !

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Synchronisation of subtitles

Feb 10,2022 / Transcription, subtitling, translation

At Authôt, subtitling and subtitle synchronisation are among our specialities! So here we share with you our view on this subject.

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2021 Authôt Balance sheet: a year of consolidation in transcription, automatic translation

Jan 27,2022 / Transcription, subtitling, translation

It’s time for the 2021 review! A synthesis of everything we have learned, experienced together on the blog.

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Simultaneous transcription: a demanding process for content accessibility

Jan 14,2022 / Digital accessibility, Transcription, subtitling, translation, Uncategorized

Simultaneous transcription is a very useful process in terms of digital accessibility and internationalization.

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Intelligence Artificielle

France wants to become a new leader in artificial intelligence

Jan 6,2022 / Digital accessibility

Let’s find out together how France will stand out and take the lead in artificial intelligence !

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Lives, transcriptions et traductions dans le Sport, aux Jeux Olympiques

Lives, transcriptions and translations in sport, at the Olympic Games

Jul 22,2021 / Uncategorized

Here, we have decided to focus on Lives, transcriptions and translations in sport, and the Olympic Games.

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The benefits of creating marketing videos

Apr 22,2021 / SEO

The advantages of creating videos in marketing are numerous…and this, whatever your field! Ready to learn more about the success of video?

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How to translate a photo with the Google Translation tool?

Mar 18,2021 / Transcription, subtitling, translation

Today, we’re sharing a thought-provoking article/tutorial on why and how to translate a photo – the text in a photo – with the Google Translation tool.

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Le speech to text : une aide à la communication lorsque l’on porte un masque

Speech to text is a communication help when wearing a mask.

Oct 29,2020 / Transcription, subtitling, translation

Find out why and how speech to text is a communication aid when wearing a mask.

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