Lives, transcriptions et traductions dans le Sport, aux Jeux Olympiques

Lives, transcriptions and translations in sport, at the Olympic Games

Jul 22,2021 / Uncategorized

Here, we have decided to focus on Lives, transcriptions and translations in sport, and the Olympic Games.

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Cookies web : la CNIL surveille et sanctionne des sites français

Web cookies: the CNIL monitors and sanctions French websites

Jul 1,2021 / Accessibility and legislation

Web cookies are important in the management of personal data. In fact, they are increasingly monitored by the CNIL.

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Google, AI and skin diseases

Jun 11,2021 / Technological advances

Nowadays, developments around artificial intelligence are such that Google contributes even in dermatology, in the face of skin diseases.

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Microsoft Teams goes automatic with transcription

May 6,2021 / Accessibility and legislation

Microsoft is one of the American giants to start using automatic transcription via Microsoft Teams.

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The benefits of creating marketing videos

Apr 22,2021 / SEO

The advantages of creating videos in marketing are numerous…and this, whatever your field! Ready to learn more about the success of video?

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Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa work for people with speech disabilities

Apr 8,2021 / Technological advances

More and more tools are working to improve the daily lives of people with pathologies and disabilities. For example, for speech disorders.

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How to translate a photo with the Google Translation tool?

Mar 18,2021 / Transcription, subtitling, translation

Today, we’re sharing a thought-provoking article/tutorial on why and how to translate a photo – the text in a photo – with the Google Translation tool.

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Mindfulmeets : une extension qui améliore le bien-être numérique durant les visioconférences

Mindfulmeets enhances digital well-being during videoconferences

Feb 18,2021 / Digital accessibility

The tool pushes the benefits of video conferencing even further. Indeed, Google Mindfulmeets enhances digital well-being during videoconferences.

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