Meeting a … Director of General Administration in a community of agglomerations

Nov 12,2021 / Meet a

Let me introduce myself, Céline, I am Director of General Administration in a community of agglomerations.

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Audio quality in business is now a must!

Nov 4,2021 / Digital accessibility, Technological advances

Today we are focusing in the importance of audio and more particularly its use within companies. Let’s discover its different advantages.

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Why and how to bet on SEO for your videos

Oct 21,2021 / SEO

Combine the strengths of videos and SEO? What are the advantages of videos, why bet on them and how to improve the SEO of your videos!

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Vocoders and electronic sound processing devices

Oct 7,2021 / Digital accessibility, Technological advances

Being immersed in an era that favours audio, we decided to focus on the different devices that process sound.

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Lives, transcriptions et traductions dans le Sport, aux Jeux Olympiques

Lives, transcriptions and translations in sport, at the Olympic Games

Jul 22,2021 / Uncategorized

Here, we have decided to focus on Lives, transcriptions and translations in sport, and the Olympic Games.

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Cookies web : la CNIL surveille et sanctionne des sites français

Web cookies: the CNIL monitors and sanctions French websites

Jul 1,2021 / Accessibility and legislation

Web cookies are important in the management of personal data. In fact, they are increasingly monitored by the CNIL.

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Google, AI and skin diseases

Jun 11,2021 / Technological advances

Nowadays, developments around artificial intelligence are such that Google contributes even in dermatology, in the face of skin diseases.

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Microsoft Teams goes automatic with transcription

May 6,2021 / Accessibility and legislation

Microsoft is one of the American giants to start using automatic transcription via Microsoft Teams.

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