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SoundFilter: Extraction of sounds from audio sources

Dec 17,2020 / Marketing: video, subtitling, transcription

  We regularly tell you about progress in artificial intelligence on our blog. For example, in writing, in translation or …

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A la rencontre d’un... responsable des usages numérique

Meet a Digital Usage Manager

Nov 12,2020 / Meet a

As the person in charge of digital uses – or NICT manager – my main role is to identify new technologies, habits and uses of the web.

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Le speech to text : une aide à la communication lorsque l’on porte un masque

Speech to text is a communication help when wearing a mask.

Oct 29,2020 / Accessibility and legislation

Find out why and how speech to text is a communication aid when wearing a mask.

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Un directeur vidéo nous donne son avis sur le sous-titrage

Meet a video director

Oct 15,2020 / Meet a

My name is David, I have been a video director for 5 years. At the beginning I was an editor and little by little I was able to climb the ladder.

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Twitter va ajouter des sous-titres automatiques

Twitter will add automatic subtitles for voice tweets

Sep 24,2020 / Marketing: video, subtitling, transcription

Many video platforms and social networks are considering automatic subtitling. This is the case for instance of Twitter, which will add automatic subtitles.

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Adapter son discours de marque au vocal

Adapt your brand speech to the voice

Sep 17,2020 / Marketing: video, subtitling, transcription

  We talk to you regularly about speech technologies, about the power of automatic speech recognition that applies to many …

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Comment bien enregistrer une voix, une bande-sonore

How to record a voice, a soundtrack?

Aug 27,2020 / Marketing: video, subtitling, transcription

Here are all our tips on how to efficiently record your voice, an audio track, a soundtrack.

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Reconnaissance et identification vocale

Voice identification: opportunities and limitations

Jul 23,2020 / Accessibility and legislation

Here we focus on voice identification. It is more than “simple” recognition, voice identification allows authentication in different contexts.

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