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Travail à distance et reconnaissance automatique de la parole

Automatic speech recognition and remote work

Nov 28,2019 / Accessibility and legislation

We are going to look at the issues 
of teleworking, of remote work, 
with the support of new technologies 
such as automatic speech recognition.

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Les enjeux de la transcription pour les grands médias

Transcription issues for major medias

Nov 21,2019 / Accessibility and legislation

With the phenomena of digital transformation and the increasing consumption of digital information, it is essential for the major medias to radically transform the diffusion of their know-how.

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Les différents formats de formations en ligne

The different online training formats

Nov 7,2019 / Marketing: video, subtitling, transcription

Training has always been a major lever in companies and enables employees to develop their skills on new topics or to increase their knowledge.

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Traduction humaine VS reconnaissance automatique de la parole

Human translation VS Automatic Speech Recognition

Oct 31,2019 / Marketing: video, subtitling, transcription

In this month of October, we propose you to illustrate a theme to which we attach a great importance: human translation VS automatic speech recognition.

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Retranscription automatique pour vos réunions

Why opting for transcription tools for your meetings?

Oct 17,2019 / Marketing: video, subtitling, transcription

In the professional environment, meetings are key moments with lots of exchanges and information. And this, in a period often tight, or even timed.

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Audiodescription and subtitles for the hearing impaired

Oct 10,2019 / Accessibility and legislation

Our main concern is to promote accessibility of different types of content for all. We are interested here in audiodescription.

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Comment faire de bons tutoriels ?

How to make good tutorials

Sep 19,2019 / Marketing: video, subtitling, transcription

    How to make good tutorials  Nowadays, with the multiplication of tutorials, everyone can learn new disciplines or obtain …

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TV Shows: what have you watched this summer?

Sep 5,2019 / Marketing: video, subtitling, transcription

    TV Shows: what have you watched this summer?  In summer, we love to bask in front of our …

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