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Tips : A good audio recording for a good transcription

Jul 5,2018 / Marketing: video, subtitling, transcription, Tutorial

  How to get a transcription 100% faithful to the original audio recording? Looking for a quick and easy way …

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Why choose an automatic and manual audio/video transcription?

Jun 8,2018 / Tutorial

Discover the Authôt benefits Today, human work and speech recognition technology used alone cannot give a reliable result for audio/video …

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May 29,2018 / Tutorial

How to use Siri on your iPhone? “How will we progress from a world where we have to understand computers …

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Authôt exhibits at Blackboard’s Teaching and Learning Conference

Apr 9,2018 / Authôt news: events and commercial offer

Blackboard ’s teaching and learning conference 2018: Discover the latest education technology innovations For its 9th edition, Blackboard’s Teaching & …

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Meet us at the eLearning expo with our partner Libcast!

Mar 19,2018 / Authôt news: events and commercial offer

  eLearning expo : Accessibility for online training courses Online videos training, or eLearning sessions, are increasingly popular and numerous. …

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Transcribe and subtitle your radio podcasts with Authôt!

Mar 15,2018 / Accessibility and legislation, Marketing: video, subtitling, transcription

  The history and evolution of radio: from transistor to podcasts For the record, the invention of radio is a …

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Back to the 2nd edition of the french event Mooc of the Year!

Jan 29,2018 / Authôt news: events and commercial offer

Following the success of the 1st edition, the french event “Mooc of the Year” will return on 23 January 2018 …

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Make your video content accessible through the SubTitly platform

Jan 25,2018 / Authôt news: events and commercial offer

SubTitly revolutionizes the subtitles translation   The TextMaster global translation solution combined with Authôt's transcription and subtitling technology offers you …

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