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Accessibility and legislation

Travail à distance et reconnaissance automatique de la parole

Automatic speech recognition and remote work

Nov 28,2019 / Accessibility and legislation

We are going to look at the issues 
of teleworking, of remote work, 
with the support of new technologies 
such as automatic speech recognition.

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Les enjeux de la transcription pour les grands médias

Transcription issues for major medias

Nov 21,2019 / Accessibility and legislation

With the phenomena of digital transformation and the increasing consumption of digital information, it is essential for the major medias to radically transform the diffusion of their know-how.

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Audiodescription and subtitles for the hearing impaired

Oct 10,2019 / Accessibility and legislation

Our main concern is to promote accessibility of different types of content for all. We are interested here in audiodescription.

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Emergence du podcast

Podcast emergence: makes the difference!

Jul 16,2019 / Accessibility and legislation

    Podcast emergence: makes the difference! Podcasting is gradually emerging in France. Highly adopted by English-speaking countries, this specific …

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Distance learning: objectives and challenges

Mar 7,2019 / Accessibility and legislation

  Thanks to digital, it is increasingly possible to train for degrees, to learn many different skills for jobs from …

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Schools and Universities: accessibility of face-to-face courses

Feb 28,2019 / Accessibility and legislation

    In 2019, French universities and colleges still have a long way to go in terms of accessibility of …

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New smart glasses: Enjoy the theatre with augmented reality and live accessible subtitles.

Oct 17,2018 / Accessibility and legislation, R&D

Live subtitles and augmented reality for theatrical works Subtitles reflect the evolution of our society. This is why technological initiatives …

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Online video translation and subtitling service for everyone

Oct 1,2018 / Accessibility and legislation, Authôt news: events and commercial offer

  On the occasion of International Translation Day on 30 September, we wanted to highlight the importance of video subtitling …

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Aug 23,2018 / Accessibility and legislation

    Europe is a real driving force in protecting citizens' rights and improving their daily lives. This is all …

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Transcribe and subtitle your radio podcasts with Authôt!

Mar 15,2018 / Accessibility and legislation, Marketing: video, subtitling, transcription

  The history and evolution of radio: from transistor to podcasts For the record, the invention of radio is a …

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