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Accessibility and legislation

Online video translation and subtitling service for everyone

Oct 1,2018 / Accessibility and legislation, Authôt news: events and commercial offer

  On the occasion of International Translation Day on 30 September, we wanted to highlight the importance of video subtitling …

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Aug 23,2018 / Accessibility and legislation

    Europe is a real driving force in protecting citizens' rights and improving their daily lives. This is all …

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Transcribe and subtitle your radio podcasts with Authôt!

Mar 15,2018 / Accessibility and legislation, Marketing: video, subtitling, transcription

  The history and evolution of radio: from transistor to podcasts For the record, the invention of radio is a …

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Learn more about Sign Language and its uses

Sep 26,2017 / Accessibility and legislation

  The history and evolution of the Sign Language There is no universal Sign Language, indeed, each countries has it’s …

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Televised debates and accessibility in France

Mar 15,2017 / Accessibility and legislation

Televised debates during the election period     Televised debates and hearing loss are they still incompatible?   This spring …

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A transcription system for sales!

Oct 27,2015 / Accessibility and legislation

Professionals: win productivity with transcription system for sales!

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