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Mindfulmeets : une extension qui améliore le bien-être numérique durant les visioconférences

Mindfulmeets enhances digital well-being during videoconferences

Feb 18,2021 / Digital accessibility

The tool pushes the benefits of video conferencing even further. Indeed, Google Mindfulmeets enhances digital well-being during videoconferences.

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Twitter va ajouter des sous-titres automatiques

Twitter will add automatic subtitles for voice tweets

Sep 24,2020 / Digital accessibility

Many video platforms and social networks are considering automatic subtitling. This is the case for instance of Twitter, which will add automatic subtitles.

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Les podcasts en plein boom durant le confinement

Podcasts’ success during quarantine

May 7,2020 / Accessibility and legislation, Digital accessibility

Here we give all the details on the success of podcasts during quarantine and why we should bet on it.

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Apprentissage à distance pour les enfants

Distance learning for children

Apr 2,2020 / Accessibility and legislation, Digital accessibility

We talked about the challenges of distance learning for students; today with Covid-19, home schooling for children is more relevant than ever.

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Le sous-titrage des contenus à destination des enfants

Content subtitling intended for children

Jan 23,2020 / Accessibility and legislation, Digital accessibility

It is important to be able to subtitle very different and specific types of content, especially content dedicated to children.

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Aug 23,2018 / Accessibility and legislation, Digital accessibility

    Europe is a real driving force in protecting citizens’ rights and improving their daily lives. This is all …

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Interview of PANDA-Guide, for the accessibility of visually impaired people

Jan 4,2018 / Authôt news: events and commercial offer, Digital accessibility

Panda-Guide, the French start-up that offers a connected helmet for visually impaired people   Authôt is a French start-up created in …

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Televised debates and accessibility in France

Mar 15,2017 / Digital accessibility

Televised debates during the election period     Televised debates and hearing loss are they still incompatible?   This spring …

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