Authôt adds Arabic subtitling on its App!

Feb 8,2017 / Authôt news: events and commercial offer, Internationalization

Authôt launches new language and offers the arabic subtitling!   The place of Arabic language in the world Arabic is …

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Spanish transcription and subtitle on the app

Sep 29,2016 / Authôt news: events and commercial offer, Internationalization

  Today, focus on spanish transcription! Well, everybody knows Spain, maybe some of you went there for holidays because of …

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Closed caption and language learning

May 11,2016 / Internationalization

Language learning with closed caption In the world, every languages use different phoneme. They are units of sound that distinguish …

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Voice recognition and video processing

Dec 22,2015 / Internationalization, R&D

    Voice recognition and text recognition, two complementary technologies After defined text recognition with the OCR technology, in the …

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Live translation!

Nov 26,2015 / Internationalization, Tutorial

Today, more and more conferences, programmes and debates are broadcast live on video channels and social networks. It is known …

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