Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Authôt

Jul 26,2019 / R&D

Authôt is an innovative start-up which uses specific technologies such as Artificial Intelligence – or AI – and machine learning.

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The study of the language model in speech recognition

Jan 11,2018 / R&D

Language model: the anticipation of coherent words We have seen in our previous articles how the system is able to …

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Pronunciation: the link between phonemes and words

Dec 15,2017 / R&D

The importance of different pronunciations in word recognition   We saw previously in the article "Phoneme detection, a key step …

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Phoneme detection, a key step in speech recognition

Nov 22,2017 / R&D

The main stages of speech recognition: the detection of phonemes                     …

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Files formats for automatic transcription

Aug 9,2017 / R&D, Tutorial

  Automatic transcription: Discover all the files formats downloadable and their uses Our previous article explained the automatic transcription goals …

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Audio and video recording for automatic transcription

Jul 28,2017 / R&D, Tutorial

  Automatic transcription : Know which recording formats are compatible Before beginning our article, it seems essential to explain in …

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Automatic Speech Recognition System

Sep 9,2016 / R&D, Technological advances

      Here we conclude our series of articles presenting fundamentals of automatic conversion of speech to text. After …

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Capture and speech conversion

Aug 22,2016 / R&D, Transcription, subtitling, translation

  Speech Capture and Digitization Automatic Speech-to-Text conversion typically follows four key steps, including speech production, its capture by a microphone, …

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Speech production system

Aug 4,2016 / R&D

Speech production The automatic conversion of Speech into Text typically consists in four key steps: the production of speech, the …

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Automatic Speech Recognition

Jul 21,2016 / R&D, Tutorial

Artificial Intelligence and Automatic Speech Recognition   One of the most ambitious Artificial Intelligence project is certainly the development of computers …

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