Phonemes and language

Jun 16,2016 / R&D

Phonemes and study of language As a major player in automatic speech to text transcription, we choose to underline the …

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Voice recognition and video processing

Dec 22,2015 / Internationalization, R&D

    Voice recognition and text recognition, two complementary technologies After defined text recognition with the OCR technology, in the …

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Text recognition with the OCR technology

Dec 7,2015 / R&D

      Text recognition on your pictures with the OCR technology    OCR acronym means Optical Character Recognition or …

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Transcription: typing 2.0

Jul 30,2015 / R&D

    Transcription: typing 2. 0 The speech is temporary. Once the last word of a sentence is pronounced there …

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Assets of automatic transcription with voice recognition software!

Jul 11,2014 / R&D, Tutorial

  The competitive advantages of automatic transcription with voice recognition software! Hello, our topic today is the automatic transcription. First …

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