Technological advances

Audio quality in business is now a must!

Nov 4,2021 / Digital accessibility, Technological advances

Today we are focusing in the importance of audio and more particularly its use within companies. Let’s discover its different advantages.

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Vocoders and electronic sound processing devices

Oct 7,2021 / Digital accessibility, Technological advances

Being immersed in an era that favours audio, we decided to focus on the different devices that process sound.

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Google, AI and skin diseases

Jun 11,2021 / Technological advances

Nowadays, developments around artificial intelligence are such that Google contributes even in dermatology, in the face of skin diseases.

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Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa work for people with speech disabilities

Apr 8,2021 / Technological advances

More and more tools are working to improve the daily lives of people with pathologies and disabilities. For example, for speech disorders.

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Reconnaissance et identification vocale

Voice identification: opportunities and limitations

Jul 23,2020 / Accessibility and legislation, Technological advances

Here we focus on voice identification. It is more than “simple” recognition, voice identification allows authentication in different contexts.

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The evolution of technologies around language learning

Feb 27,2020 / Technological advances

With the emergence of the web and technologies, language learning has evolved. Indeed, the learner can rely on different platforms, applications…

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La reconnaissance vocale pour les personnes en situation de handicap

Digital accessibility and speech recognition for people with disabilities

Jan 9,2020 / Accessibility and legislation, Technological advances

We have decided to take a look at a related subject that is close to our hearts: digital accessibility and speech recognition for people with disabilities.

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Travail à distance et reconnaissance automatique de la parole

Automatic speech recognition and remote work

Nov 28,2019 / Accessibility and legislation, Internationalization, Technological advances

We are going to look at the issues 
of teleworking, of remote work, 
with the support of new technologies 
such as automatic speech recognition.

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TV Shows: what have you watched this summer?

Sep 5,2019 / Technological advances

    TV Shows: what have you watched this summer?  In summer, we love to bask in front of our …

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Emergence du podcast

Podcast emergence: makes the difference!

Jul 16,2019 / Internationalization, Technological advances

    Podcast emergence: makes the difference! Podcasting is gradually emerging in France. Highly adopted by English-speaking countries, this specific …

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