Transcription, subtitling, translation

How to translate a photo with the Google Translation tool?

Mar 18,2021 / Transcription, subtitling, translation

Today, we’re sharing a thought-provoking article/tutorial on why and how to translate a photo – the text in a photo – with the Google Translation tool.

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La nécessité du direct

The different possible uses of Authôt Live

Dec 10,2020 / Transcription, subtitling, translation

Authôt Live is the solution to transcribe your content live! We now discuss the different possible uses of Authôt Live. Because, do you really know them?

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Le speech to text : une aide à la communication lorsque l’on porte un masque

Speech to text is a communication help when wearing a mask.

Oct 29,2020 / Transcription, subtitling, translation

Find out why and how speech to text is a communication aid when wearing a mask.

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Transcription automatique et domaine médical/santé

Automatic transcription in the medical field

Jun 18,2020 / Accessibility and legislation, Transcription, subtitling, translation

Today, we will discuss in more details the specificities of automatic transcription in the medical field, the health field.

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Comment sous-titrer En Direct vos conférences Zoom ?

How to subtitle your Live conferences on Zoom?

May 28,2020 / Transcription, subtitling, translation

We told you how to get the transcript of your Zoom meeting using Authôt APP. Today, we will show you how to subtitle your Zoom meeting with Authôt Live.

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Authôt Live : la nouvelle solution pour transcrire en direct !

Authôt Live: The new solution to transcribe your content live!

Jan 30,2020 / Authôt news: events and commercial offer, Transcription, subtitling, translation

We presented a preview of our new product: Authôt Live, at the VoiceTech Paris show in November 2019. Here is …

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Les enjeux de la transcription pour les grands médias

Transcription issues for major medias

Nov 21,2019 / Transcription, subtitling, translation

With the phenomena of digital transformation and the increasing consumption of digital information, it is essential for the major medias to radically transform the diffusion of their know-how.

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Traduction humaine VS reconnaissance automatique de la parole

Human translation VS Automatic Speech Recognition

Oct 31,2019 / Internationalization, Transcription, subtitling, translation

In this month of October, we propose you to illustrate a theme to which we attach a great importance: human translation VS automatic speech recognition.

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Retranscription automatique pour vos réunions

Why opting for transcription tools for your meetings?

Oct 17,2019 / Transcription, subtitling, translation

In the professional environment, meetings are key moments with lots of exchanges and information. And this, in a period often tight, or even timed.

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Audiodescription and subtitles for the hearing impaired

Oct 10,2019 / Accessibility and legislation, Internationalization, Transcription, subtitling, translation

Our main concern is to promote accessibility of different types of content for all. We are interested here in audiodescription.

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