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The importance of good spelling

Apr 11,2019 / Tutorial

  According to a survey revealed by Le Parisien in 2019, “52% of HRDs ensure that the level of spelling …

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Editing subtitles on Aegisub: How to easily rework subtitles

Nov 9,2018 / Tutorial

Our first article on Aegisub was dedicated to the basic understanding of the software. The aim was to show how …

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Tips for synchronize your subtitles to your video: Use Aegisub software

Sep 20,2018 / Tutorial

  Video has gradually become the key content on the Internet. Cisco estimates that video will account for 82% of …

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Tips : A good audio recording for a good transcription

Jul 5,2018 / Marketing: video, subtitling, transcription, Tutorial

  How to get a transcription 100% faithful to the original audio recording? Looking for a quick and easy way …

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Why choose an automatic and manual audio/video transcription?

Jun 8,2018 / Tutorial

Discover the Authôt benefits Today, human work and speech recognition technology used alone cannot give a reliable result for audio/video …

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May 29,2018 / Tutorial

How to use Siri on your iPhone? “How will we progress from a world where we have to understand computers …

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Proofreading service for perfect transcription

Oct 23,2017 / Tutorial

Proofreading and translation: additional services to automatic transcription! Artificial Intelligence, or AI, knows impressive evolutions. Among many fields concerned by …

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Files formats for automatic transcription

Aug 9,2017 / R&D, Tutorial

  Automatic transcription: Discover all the files formats downloadable and their uses Our previous article explained the automatic transcription goals …

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Audio and video recording for automatic transcription

Jul 28,2017 / R&D, Tutorial

  Automatic transcription : Know which recording formats are compatible Before beginning our article, it seems essential to explain in …

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Authôt offers sync audio to text technolgy to its videos and podcasts

May 11,2017 / Marketing: video, subtitling, transcription, Tutorial

Authôt unveils its secrets in video with the sync audio to text technique It is not a secret anymore, video …

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