UbiCast: our partner for video transcription and broadcasting

A complete hosting, transcription and video subtitling service

Established in Paris for more than 10 years, UbiCast is the European leader in “Rich media” content creation and sharing solutions. UbiCast therefore offers solutions that cover the entire lifecycle of a video, from its creation to its distribution. UbiCast has developed advanced Social Learning features and has created the reference player for MOOCs. The addition of comments, attachments, links, surveys or questionnaires appears like so many possibilities to make the audience actress of his training, and enrich each video over time.



Following a strong demand from its customers, UbiCast has chosen to establish a partnership with Authôt in order to work on the integration of “speech to text” service on their platform. 
Authôt’s transcription and subtitling solution therefore enhances the video broadcasting service offered by UbiCast in a transparent manner.


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Moocs and e-learning: a fast-growing market

Today, higher education and in-company training are at the heart of a digital transformation. Because of the emergence of new behaviours among Internet users, the transmission of knowledge cannot escape its video digitization.
UbiCast’s solutions favour the decentralization of content production, which will integrate perfectly into any type of learning path.
In the world of higher education, face-to-face courses are now complemented and improved by online courses, tele-amphis or even MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).
In companies, digitalizing training courses through videos, live conferences or interactive webinars offers to the company flexible and individualized training at a lower cost.

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