Le sous-titrage et la publicité ne font pas bon ménage ?!


Et si c’était elle qui n’avait pas compris ?!

“Before this pre-roll ends, I need to tell you something, from the first moment I saw you I told myself I would give anything to be with this girl and I did.
I sold my neighbor my Sega Genesis, I sold my car to Richard and I even sold my L. A Gears. All so I could buy us tickets to Miami this weekend, you see?!
I love you.
Say that again?
Something popped up and. . .
Can you try it again but at the top of the screen?
No no no these pops up they are trying to running me. . . no no. . . I love you. . .”

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“Interrupted // La publicité, ça craint”. Source :



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